Monday, February 3, 2014

a really great Saturday

(from 2 or 3 Saturdays ago)
my favorite start to a Saturday goes a little something like this:
receive group text from my Dad to me, Mamaw Jo and Mamaw Lou: CB at 9
and confirmation responses follow
Cracker Barrel at 9am on Saturdays has been the norm for a few years.
i'm not sure why it still requires a text message reminder, but apparently it does.
Next on my list for a favorite start to a Saturday goes something like this,
"GT, what do you need to do today?"
GT: "just piddle"
that my friends, is indicative of a good-a very good-Saturday.
this usually means that hunting season is over. 

the rest of the day included a good nap for JR, GT and I bought a new cabinet from a flea market, some homework and housework for me, GT and Garrett built something, Dad and JR did some work on the tractor.
I can't really remember what we did that evening, but it probably included me or mom cooking some dinner and a super casual night of eating and movie or football watching. 

now that is my kind of Saturday. 

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