Saturday, April 26, 2014

5 and dime

5 years (and 8 days) ago
how can it be?

5 good years since i met this dashing lad of a man.

a few things i specifically remember about that day.
1. he had an iPhone and I thought that was kinda cool
i also remember sneakily putting my phone number in his phone under the name of "the coolest girl ever" or something equally lame....
obviously, it worked. but, i'm not giving out pointers here.

2. I knew i'd regret those baggy, cropped jeans (and those extra 15 pounds)
but i was strangely attracted to his plaid mixture

3. i've never felt so comfortable or silly(? maybe that's not the right word?) with someone so quickly
he wasn't appalled or turned away by my quirky/awkwardness, but rather embraced it and dove right in, kind of promoting it. 

4. i knew i was in for a major life change

5. and that scared the mess out of me
no doubt.
luckily, i snapped out of it and said "yes" 8 months later

this is one of my most, absolutely, undeniable favoritist days ever. ever. 

and a bonus #6- i have since learned that it would behoove me to smile in photos
strange faces are mostly unattractive and are not looked back upon endearingly 
and perhaps, the day you meet your future just might wish you had one good picture of the two of you looking somewhat decent. just maybe.
unless you're me. 
then these will do.

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The Heart Mom said...

I am so happy that Jimmy Buffet fans invented Parrot Heads. Otherwise I may not have an awesome son-in-love and consequently not have an incredibly awesome grandson and 3/4 of another. I am blessed everytime I hear a Jimmy Buffet song. :)