Wednesday, April 30, 2014

head down and chin up

this semester comes to a close on Monday!
unless, of course, i fail and have to retake a course.
there's always that.

so it's time to just put my head down...
and dig in for 5 more days.
why does it seem that the last week of the semester/school year is the haaaaaardest (big whine)???

also, 9ish more weeks until little Taylor nugget #2 introduces himself to his older and not so gentle brother
also, the homestretch of pregnancy is the least it is for me.
i do believe i can attribute that to the back aches.
oh well, at least there's an end point in sight and all will be good as new again.

the end of a semester
the end(ish) of a pregnancy
so rewarding-both of them, but challenging, exhausting and painful in their own way.
rewarding mostly!

this is my mantra
well, i don't really have a mantra
but i do remind myself that, "if it were easy, everyone would do it" (name that movie!)
or something like that. 
mostly, i remind myself that there is purpose to the pain and effort
in the end, i will have a masters degree, new credentials and a sweet little love bundle to call mine. 
and i'll probably forget all of the late nights that i fell asleep on my heating pad, reading my textbook/writing a paper and GT quietly takes off my glasses, turns out my lamp and puts my book away (but not without marking my spot him for that)

as i've got my head down and charging the end of the semester...i've got my chin up!
after all, i've got this guy to keep my spirits high!
and his new haircut


Lauren said...

A League of Their Own! "It's the hard that makes it great."

Kate said...

"its the hard that makes it great"- an all time favorite line of mine. love me some Jimmy Dugan