Wednesday, April 23, 2014

let's begin with Easter things

Since my documentation of our life happenings has been lacking severely on the blog, it's hard to know where to begin.
Hopefully I will do a massive photo dump soon and get this little journal back up-to-date.
let's start with Easter weekend, shall we?
what's that? you don't particularly care....ok, then. i'll make the decisions around here.

let's back it on up to last week
Judson had his Easter party at Mothers Day Out
 he had no idea what to do with the eggs, except throw them
obviously! they look like a ball. and that boy is all about baseball and basketball.
he was just mostly excited that we were there
and he got to run around in another area of the church than usually allowed.
maybe next year
(also, hashtag 3rd trimester! and chambray tops)

Friday was just glorious!
I told GT that my love language is him being off of work on Fridays. 
also, Jamie and the boys drove over for a few hours and that always makes for a wonderful day!
also, my in-laws came into town!
could this day get any better?
yes, yes, it could. i checked my school calendar and it was my Spring/Easter break! (since the previous Monday-who knew?!) so i declared no more homework/studying until Sunday. thank you very much. i'm sure that i'll regret that decision later. oh well.

Wukey loving on Pa

mid-action shot-airplane in flight

boys in heaven

and luckily the weather was divine.
we hardly went inside all weekend.

Saturday morning proceeded with Cracker Barrel, as usual and wonderful!

lately, we have been going to the Ike Hamilton Expo center on Saturdays to watch whatever is going on.
Usually the shows start on Friday or Saturday night, so we catch them exercising their horses Saturday morning. The past two weekends, we were the only ones in the stands. 
JR could stay for hours and sometimes, we do. 
and he neighs or moo's the entire time.
this Saturday, we actually caught a rodeo and saw some locals display some (unwarranted) courage
something about the longer you're with somebody, the more you look/dress alike???

besides having (another!!!) fever, Judson Ray was happy as a hog all weekend with his Grammy and PaPa in town.

we had crawfish in the barn Saturday night and it was-very likely-the best i've had.
we've had crawfish a few times this year and either 1)it hasn't been great(bad season) or 2)i haven't been able to eat it because i had JR and crawfish hands/busy toddler don't get along.
since we had two sets of grandparents around this time, i dug in and boy! oh boy! it was delish.

we had our annual Easter egg-stravaganza at my cousins farm and it was just lovely!

JR was still fighting some nasty infection/fever, so we only went for a bit.
but, it was long enough for him to work up a ridiculous sweat and red-face.
 (poor guy, wish he didn't feel so sick! bah!)

perhaps next year we can round up some kids to hunt the eggs

our mediocre attempt at a family Easter photo.
i was selfishly over it. 
allergies + large abdomen (ok. large body) + clingy, sick toddler + heat = grouch fest over here.
enough about me and my lousy complaints.

truly, we are so blessed to be surrounded by such a large family.
not only are they large, they are loving and so much fun!
Praise be to God that our relationship is not bound by this earth.
Our hope in heaven, through Jesus' death and resurrection, allows us to have relationships that are eternal!
because He rose on the 3rd day, I have hope.
because He lives, I can face tomorrow with joy and confidence!

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Lea said...

Kaitlyn, so good to find your blog through your Mom's FB. Goodness, you have grown into such a lovely woman with a precious family. I still remember you as that little girl at OCS many years ago. Looking forward to keeping up with you through your blog. Blessings abundant!