Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 days of going-ons

since friday, i have been to Shreveport three times for class/clinical
completed an additional 2 half-days of clinical
taken my first test of the semester 

and GT was out of town Thursday-Sunday
a HUGE thank you to my mom and mother in law for helping with Judson!

the nephews and their parents stopped by for a night on their way to the beach
ready for them to stop and stay on their way back!

our garden is beautifully productive
i cooked some of the squash and beans with dinner on Monday night
the beans are Royalty Purple Podded beans
the pod is purple until you boil it...then it turns green!
magically delicious
the squash were also excellent

we kicked our ducks out
they are now real ducks on a pond
not sure if they can fly, so i hope they are safe.
they were unsure at first
of course, they have lived in our yard for the past month or so and have become yard ducks
 but they quickly warmed up to the idea
and took to it like ducks to water.
hardy har!

babyTaylor2 is steady growing
i started my weekly OB appointments this week
and little buddy is knocking on the exit door 
at least, i feel that way
hang tight buster!
for 3 more weeks. pleeeeease, hang tight!
i've got to make your curtains!
and do more clinicals, and get a bed for you, and get some diapers, and get mentally prepared, and sleep some more, and grow your lungs some more.
you are constantly rearranging my internal organs with your karate moves.
but, i sure am eager to meet you!

Judson has met the developmental milestone (a rather important one, i say!)  of saying "cheeeeese"
a milestone we all love to document with selfies

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