Wednesday, June 25, 2014

us 3

as we anticipate the arrival of the next Taylor bro, we prepare for the transition that our family will make.
3 to 4.
we sure have loved our little family of three.
so much so.
I asked GT if he was going to miss it being just us and Judson?
and if it was ok if i think i kind of will.
it's been good.
the three of us 

we have enjoyed our lazy days around the house
our busy days running errands
our roadtrips
Sundays at church 
meals as a family
and all that goes along with living as a family

I think we-GT and I- have both enjoyed our time with just Judson
learning who he is, his quirky personality, what makes him laugh, what interests him
simply focusing on him
individual shots for the basketball team
(he's the only member of the team)

we are so excited for him to have a brother
we are elated to have another son!
what we lose in an only child, we gain in the joy of more children and siblings for them.
perhaps these emotions are normal and just part of growing your family?
for however much we will miss our family of 3, we are equally ecstatic about adding to the number
and pray that we can continue to do so

i sure love spending time with my Buddy Ray
his presence is life-giving and incredibly joyful
he is full of energy, but putting him down for naps and for bed is just the best and so sweet.
he is my sweetness and I never want to lose that bond
(every mothers longing, i know)
i'm eager to see how this heart of mine will grow....knowing it is fully capable and ready

these kids are ready to take on more Taylor boys
i think.

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