Monday, June 23, 2014

Granddad is 90! and some words from the wise

We called GT's grandparents the other night to wish them both a happy birthday.
Granddad turned 90. 90! 90.
Grandma turned 84!

So, what'd you do to celebrate turning 90, granddad?
he told us, then made a small (very small) comment about how tired he was.

so, i will tell you.
he played 18 holes of golf before 930, then mowed his yard
I'M tired thinking about doing that!
Grandma proceeded to ask how I and the baby were doing.
GT said that we were doing good, he's just having a hard time slowing me down.
i'm not actually sure what that would look like-with a 19 month old and very active family.

Grandma told him, "us women, our job is in our home. it's hard to quit working"
even if we work outside of the home, which i do (part time and school).
my home is still my responsibility and my job. you don't clock out or have designated work hours.
 it is hard to quit. especially when you care about the state of your home and you want people to feel comfortable (and clean) in your home.
Grandma really is full of incredible words of wisdom.
i always catch a new one when i'm with them.

speaking of words of wisdom.....sort of.
here are some words from GT lately.

I asked why he wasn't playing golf with some folks one Saturday.
GT: "Mostly because my clubs burned up"
Kate: "Well you can borrow some"
GT: "That's like borrowing someone's swim shorts...technically you could, buuuuuuuuut"
i stopped asking.

I can't even remember the context of this statement.
GT:" Kate, I'm a proverbs 31 husband"
...i'm going to leave that one alone...

I had casually mentioned going in for a few hours of clinical one Saturday.
Around noon that day, i mentioned it.
GT: "nah. you aint' got that look about you"
that's probably accurate

happy Monday fine people!
we're just t-2 week counting down to getting a good breath over here.

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