Thursday, November 13, 2014

4 months

You are 4 months old!
and you have come alive!
you have started interacting with us so much more.
you are "talking" all of the time and laugh when something really gets you.
you are incredibly ticklish, so i tickle you alot. 
sorry. but your little laugh is irresistible. 

you have quite a fan club
the president is me, of course.
i'm pretty obsessed with you.
healthy or not, that's how it is.

the vice president chair is shared by your brother...
and your dad
we all love to make you smile and snuggle you

you are very strong 
you like to sit up in your little seat and see the world
you have a sneaky little grin 
that basically melts me

you experienced your first Halloween
we did nothing on the actual day, so it wasn't any different than our normal friday
but, we did attend our church Trunk-or-Treat
you went as a football, because i'm real original like that
but, you slept most of the time
 held by your mother who attended the festival as Garth, one half of the Wayne's World duo.
you will thank me later for embarrassing you at an early age

moving on.

you are average size for height and weight (according to the doctor)
but above average for sweetness (according to me)

your brother gets so excited each time he sees you when you have been separated for any length of time: after naps, in the morning or after his school.
you share his enthusiasm and express it by staring him down.

you still eat roughly every 3 hours during the day
you take 3-4 naps, depending on how often you are woken up early by your darling brother
you can grab things and bring them to your mouth
you are becoming more active and interested in things around you
you put your whole fist in your mouth all of the time
you sleep 11-12 hours a night, but often sleep the last few hours with me (i can't resist)
you've had a little stuffy nose for a week, but you're still so sweet and happy
you can roll stomach to back and can aaaaaalllllmost go back to stomach
you love your parents messy room. (not really, i just said that to make myself feel better)

you are wanting to move! 
you like to pull yourself forward if i lean you back against something

we adore you, little Townes-rooskie!
you are showing us your sweet, sensitive, snuggly personality more and more 
i use the adjective "sweet"often when talking about you, but it describes you best.
i love to watch you wake up to the world
you are a delightful part of our family and we are so thankful that you are ours.
love you, little Rooskie!

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