Tuesday, November 25, 2014

a party for JR

this year, JR's birthday fell on a Saturday so we celebrated him on his actual birthday!
(exactly one month ago, today)
He had the best day of his life, i'm sure
GTs family and my family came in town and made the weekend so special for our favorite 2 year old

GT and I made this little tent for him
i was pretty confident that he'd LOVE it and always want to be in it.
he likes it, but isn't that impressed.
oh well.
but, he does love when his uncle Garrett plays with him

a day well spent with the fam

we had his party at my parents house and kept the guest list to our family. which is quite a crew, even with some being out in California
the decorations consisted of giant animal and tractor balloons.
 they are still decorating our living room...probably Judson's favorite thing.

lots of photos, so let's get started 

GT set up a little hayride that the boys loved and still talk about
(thumbs up)
(in case you ever wonder where the boys get their jowls)

he could not wait to get the tractor and animals off of his cake
didn't care too much about the actual cake, just the toys
and everyone clapping for him

and the presents, of course
with some help from big cousin, Beau

and quite the cheering section

oh man, love this kid
and those goggles

the boys...all of them, young and old, went outside to check out the new rides and tools

and topped off the night with some fun with PaPa

what a wonderful day to celebrate our Judson Rays 2nd birthday!
even though he had a nasty sty in his little eye, he never stopped celebrating
His day was made because he was surrounded by his favorite people
That boy, he sure loves his people
and he loves a party
and tractors and animals

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