Thursday, November 6, 2014

my people on the web: round 2

here we are, with our 2nd installation of "My People on the Web".
if you missed the first one, click here

i am surrounded by people that make things happen. seriously, they're everywhere.
as i previously mentioned, this challenges me to step up my game on the daily
complacency is not a familiar word around these parts
people are moving and shaking 
and i'm grateful to witness it and sometimes, to be a part of it

you can imagine how i feel when i stay in my pj's all day. 
hey, at least i'm raising kids! right?

without further adieu, here are people that i know and that i like and the things they are doing on the world wide web.

"I have noticed in my young life that only about 1 out of 10 of the things i do actually works out how i thought it would. That just means i have got to do more stuff and do it better. Hopefully this blog will be the 1 out of 10. If it is not then that means somethings else will so this is a win-win situation..."
-Young and Beardless
if you know me at all, you know how much i love this kid. ok, he's not really a kid anymore.
he's 19 and engaged. engaged! what?!? and i am thrilled for him.
Mary Kate is an awesome lady and i just love to be around her.
 and JL is one of my very very favorite people. i do not worry about him and his decisions. 
he is solid. 
so, take a gander at his blog. 
it's an excellent read and is great evidence of his character, maturity, quirkiness and insight.

here's another excerpt, it is from his post about a trip to Canada:

"1.) Sometimes you faced with things that you just have to make a blind decision on in order to experience great things, like the great things love does. When considering whether or not to take someone’s offer to experience what we did, don't look at who else is going to be there or little unnecessary details like that. Consider the person who invited you, and whether or not if saying yes in that situation is the most loving thing possible to that person.
2.) Love does great things. ALWAYS make your decisions by determining if it is the most loving thing possible. 1 Corinthians 13 is a good list of guidelines for what the most loving thing usually looks like if you need help with that.
3.) The trip allowed me to watch my dad learn. The Bearded Men never stop learning. As far as i can tell, my dad could go the rest of his life not knowing anything new, but he doesn't. He is constantly studying and learning new skills and gaining more knowledge. That is a mark of a great man. Hopefully i will still be learning when i am no longer Young and Beardless."

Heart to Home ministry is my mom's passion and ministry
i've talked about it before, but it is a HUGE blessing in my life
it is growing rapidly and she has started it in churches all over the country
if you're interested in getting it kicked off in your church, let me know!

the first conference will take place February 6-7 here in Monroe and it will be amazing, i know it!
more info to come

also, she wrote a book.
a book! 
and it will be released at the conference
we are all so proud!

3. GT and I just jumped on the Friday Night Lights train.
and we can not stop.
our dinner conversations involve Tyra, Saracen and Tami.
addicted is the right word, i think.

so, i was pumped when my friend, Jen, launched Sweet Tees and i saw this shirt
thank you.
other cute shirts available!

4. our good friends just ended their run for Congress
Zach and Jil are the real deal and i am proud to call them friends and i am proud to vote for Zach Dasher!
Jil wrote a beautiful post on her blog about the campaign and their loss in the polls.
We love the Dashers and know they will continue to lead those around them, in and out of the political realm.
our country is in dire need of leaders who seek to honor God and hold up the values we were founded on. a huge thanks to Zach for acknowledging this need and doing something about it.
Go Team Dasher!

have a great weekend eve day!

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