Saturday, May 9, 2015

game changers (moms)

mothers day

celebratory for some, dreadful for others
joyous for some, painful for others
beautiful for some, depressing for others

i've only known it to be good
and for that, i'm thankful

but, it doesn't keep me from thinking of those who dread or even hate this day.
at this point of my life-the having babies/young children phase of life-i relate mostly to moms of young children on this mothers day
i most often think of those who are unable to have children or who have lost children
and their desire to be the one receiving the attention and the gifts this coming sunday.
that ache is something i will not pretend to understand
i'll let you read this... it's beautiful 

the other night at my Heart to Home Heartfelt group we talked about our moms.
in our few hours together, we each spoke about our relationship with our mothers.
i was in the minority when i shared of the goodness and health of mine and my moms relationship.
most of the women came from a family that was broken or unhealthy.
when asked about their mothers, their first thought was of pain and hurt.
something i could not relate to.
as i listened to each woman recount her story, i was heartbroken for them.
i could see their pain. the grief of a lost relationship.

but that didn't last long. 
i listened as they talked about how they were choosing to do things differently with their own children and grandchildren.
they did not operate out of a place of resentfulness or hate, but one of forgiveness, grace, and redemption. 
they all chose to be at Heartfelt because they believed in family and were making a decision to be something different as a mother than what they were shown or told to be.

i am forever grateful to my mom and my grandmothers for not only telling me, but showing me what it means to be a woman of God. who loves her husband and leads her children.
and i understand the great responsibility that goes along with that. 

for those of you who have a broken or non-existent relationship with your mom or women in your life, and have chosen to break that cycle and to show your children how to love... you are awesome.

and you have challenged me-
no excuses
we are each accountable to our actions
and how we love one another and teach our children
not based on our past
not because of how we were raised- good, bad, or ugly

you are the only way that the cycles of pain and bad relationships are broken
you are the reason children can have a beautiful future
you are the haven that is home
you are the creator of a safe, secure and happy childhood for your children
you are the story of redemption and grace
not only for your life, but for you children, their spouses, their children and generations to come
for eternity

you are a game-changer

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The Heart Mom said...

Such pain. A loss I and you cannot feel. We both - you and I my daughter- have been blessed by remake able women of strength and courage and faith. We have truly been blessed beyond. And out of this strength we rise to face the day to encourage and build up those who have been less fortunate. Their burden becomes ours. To share and care and embolden their lives. As God breathes His life into our lives we can breathe for those whose aspirations are a struggle. That's the beauty of passing faith from one to another. What I have I want to share. What I have in abundance we give out of the overflow. Beautifully said my dear daughter. You are wise beyond your age. Your heart is tender. Nowhere is that displayed more than in your life as your babies' mom.