Monday, May 25, 2015

Ten months with Townes

my sweet Townesy
you are becoming a little guy and leaving the baby stage behind
and i'm not quite ready for that transition

you are still very much a snuggler who likes to be held

but you are increasingly interested in the world around you
and your moments of quiet are getting fewer and farther between

you are pulling up on things
and will let go with one hand, but aren't quite ready to make any moves with your feet
but, you always get excited when you can pull up and see something at a higher level

you seem to enjoy when we go on little strolls in the wagon and "talk" about everything 
you are very entertained with grass...
actually, anything that you shouldn't put in your mouth...that's what you're interested in.

you made your maiden voyage to the gulfcoast
and LOVED the water
not so much the sand
but the water was your favorite
every time that we got close to the pool or ocean, you start kicking your little legs and flapping your arms and wiggling your little body in the direction of the water

you now have 4 teeth!
the top teeth have about done us all in, but they are finally through and you are using them to their fullest potential
you love to eat
i mean, give you some food and you're pretty content
even lemons
but you are particularly fond of ice cream
can't blame ya
and spaghetti

you are often seen with some sort of snack in your hands
which would explain the extra chub you have put on lately
we haven't been to the doctor in quite a while, so i'm not sure what your fighting weight is...but i'm pretty certain that you have put on some ell-bees in the last month
you have put some squeeze on your thighs and i love them so.

you and your brother are starting to play together (i use that term loosely) and it completely melts me every single time

you love to laugh with him and at him
and he loves to make you happy
whenever you are fussy or sad, he will try all sorts of things to make you smile
currently he calls you "ding ding"(no idea) or "bubba"
"tay-ons"(the 2-syllable pronunciation of Townes. redneck, much?)

you and Judson will often have these little screaming sessions in which you yell at each other back and forth.
i mean, it's not my favorite-but at least you're learning to interact with one another.

of course, when he hugs you it often goes a little too far 
and you end up in a choke hold
but, it's a start in the right direction of brotherly bonding, i suppose

you are a fast little scooter
and crawl wherever you please
to get whatever it is that you want
we have to keep a close eye on you at all times so that you don't end up under, on top of or next to a precarious situation/item or with an unidentifiable object in your mouth

you are way more interested in not-toys than you are in actual toys
which is why my lens cap kept your attention longer than any toy i gave you for our little photo shoot
it was that or a water bottle

even though you are very curious and like to explore,
you still prefer for me to hold you, so this is how i get pictures of you often 
you are my little side-kick and i intend to keep it that way.
jk. but maybe serious.

we are rather eager to hear what you have to say once you start talking
i think that you will have a lot to say
you are a sweetheart that gives the best little snuggles
and a wild pistol that is ever interested in the world around you
you are very vocal about your needs and wants
and make it known when you are not pleased with your current situation
you have grown out of your title of the laid-back baby
that is no longer true

you get so excited whenever you see us and you can make us feel like a million bucks with your smile
you can wave "bye-bye"
you raise your arms over your head when we ask "how big is Townes?"
you can give a high-five
you are becoming less and less interested in nursing and i'm reminding myself that that is a normal progression and just going with it....kind of.

we are so in love with you, sweet Townesy
you are a tender little heart and i am so thankful that i get to nurture your sweet spirit

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