Wednesday, May 6, 2015

framily trip to Sugar Land

Our framily vacation took place in April this year (other ones here and here)
6 adults and 6 kids, all 3 and under...yikes! 
i mean, yay!

Tommy and Brice had us all stay at their house, which was awesome and so so generous of them.
that's a lot of people and kids and messes and noise, but they were the hostessess with the mostesses.
we loved being in their home and being able to relax and enjoy one another.
mostly, we just watched the kids play and visited

saturday, we went to the Houston zoo!

Judson had his first celebrity siting with "Nemo" and lost his mind.
(a little snippet)

all the kids (kind of) in one picture.... plus Larry, ha!

this little bitty was a trooper
as long as he had snacks

also, i nursed him in the middle of the Houston Zoo,
which was a first for me and well, it was not my favorite
anyway...moving on.

the kids really played so well together and we got a few good laughs at their expense
which is what kids are good for, right?

Saturday night, us gals headed out for some coffee and HomeGoods perusing, while the boys played video games and the littles slept.
and not one second was without words, we had some good talks and i'm pretty sure have solved all toddler-parenting problems..... right.

and how many pictures do i have of the adults?

Sunday morning we went to church 
then Brice cooked us a delicious brunch before we hit the road towards Lousy-Anna

the weekend was short, but a short-time is better than no-time
we love our friends who are more like family
we are in this child-raising thing together and i'm so glad to know my kids will grow up knowing the Waldrons and Lovetts
i get so exciting thinking about the many years of framily vacations to come!

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