Thursday, August 13, 2015

MK + JL: the story of a ringbearer

i suppose it's not so much a story, but the recounting of Judsons first gig as a ringbearer
plus some photos of John Lukes and Mary Kates beautiful wedding
(also, i hijacked some of the photos from facebook)
these are two of the sweetest people i know.
i'm serious. they are considerate, kind, happy, creative, encouraging and i just love 'em to pieces. 

me, my mom (she kept all of our boys...thanks, mom!), sis-in-law Jamie, bff Jenna and her mom hosted MK's bridesmaid luncheon
we were all so happy to be a part of celebrating this sweet little thang and her ladies
GT made these little flower boxes because I saw a picture on Pinterest
it was so much fun with all the girls in all of the excitement of a wedding
some of my girl cousins with our Mamaw Jo and my aunt Chrys

rehearsal that evening was so relaxed and everyone looked beautiful, of course
Judson had a permanent overwhelmed/blank stare expression as he just followed all of the "big kids" around
rehearsal dinner was AH-may-zing
and full of sweet words about Mary Kate and John Luke, along with well-wishes and words of advice
and with a healthy dose of humor

Wedding Day!
MK & JL saw each other before the wedding and took pictures beforehand
everyone was super laid-back and just enjoyed being together and the beautiful day
cute little ring bearers and flower girls 
lots of kisses going around

Judson did really well with all of the picture taking, and there was a lot of picture taking
but, i think he did hit his limit around picture #234908
after pictures, we went home so JR could fuel up via a power-nap
then we headed back to the farm for the ceremony
bringing his little side-kick, Townesy, along

some more lounging and snacking

last minute touching up

then show time!

the weather was perfect!

MK's dress and flower crown were stunning!
she made a beautiful bride

i don't have any pictures from the reception, because- i don't know why- probably Townes needing to be held, but it was so much fun! we were all drenched in sweat from dancing and the humidity kicking in, but we all had a blast! 
it was a fantastic reception full of so much joy!

we attempted some family photos, and you can imagine how well that went...
keep your eye on my dad and Townes

everyone look! 
or not. perfect.

if you'd like to see less ring bearer, more wedding... Mary Kate blogged about it: here
and her blog is super cute!
we loved being a part of John Luke and Mary Kate's wedding!
a big thanks to them trusting a 2-year old with their rings...
just kidding. he didn't carry them.
but, seriously...i'm truly thankful that they asked him to be in the wedding
I just adore those newlyweds!

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