Friday, August 28, 2015

summer 2015

well, the boys start Mothers Day Out next week and I started my fall semester this week.
I suppose our summer is officially over....
although the temperature won't drop permanently for another couple of months.

We spent the majority of our hours outside, sweating.
and inside making a total mess of our house

here are way too many photos of our summer activities, in no order at all.

for Fathers Day, the 4 of us went out to eat for dinner (we NEVER do) at the Japanese steakhouse and for some fro-yo

lots of swinging on my moms new spinny-swing

and working in the yard

lots of fun with our cousins
right, Townes?

and watering the garden...a lot

and staying cool in the pool

GT and I celebrated 5 years of marriage!
with a late movie, Jurrasic World
ever the romantics, we are
and a cookie cake from GT, because he is the best and knows the way to my heart

Judson helped me do school work
so helpful, of course

we celebrated the 4th of July with the rest of the southern states at Duck Commander

then at my Aunt Chrys and Uncle Johnny's house with the fam

GT played for our church-league softball team again
and us mamas and babies support loyally
except for when we don't and we stay home because it's hot as blazes

i started dressing the boys alike
to which their dad asked if i had just returned from the Sears portrait studio

Woodrow continues to live as though cancer does not exist
and got a relatively clean bill of health at his vet check-up
when the vet tech walked in Judson said, "His name is Woodrow. He is doing great"

lunches with Mamaw Lou and my mom

Judson has developed a love for puzzles and wants me to take his picture each time he completes one

if you haven't noticed by now, Judson is slightly obsessed with "jersey shirts" and Texas Longhorns 
healthy, safe indoor activities fostering brotherly love

Townesy learned how to relax
and has grown a ridiculous amount

and resembles a little boy, not a baby
and is becoming rather mischievous

GT brought Judson his own bow and arrow home
isn't that awesome.....?

we got us some barn cats
but are in the process of giving 2 of them away
and keeping Speedo, because of this....
i'm afraid this relationship is completely one-sided

we have had a wonderful summer just being home with some trips to Texas scattered in
i'm realizing the speed at which our boys are growing and am trying to soak in all of the summer days 

that's all folks
except not really
i have a few thousand more photos, but i'll keep them to me and my little ole computer

here's to a great start to school and Mothers Day Out!

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