Thursday, September 3, 2015

so, i guess we're cat people

i am not a cat person
primarily, because i'm allergic to them
and any other reason for disliking a feline stems from that.

therefore, we got 3 kittens

it all started when my dad and GT started talking about the need for a "barn cat"
one to keep away the mice, snakes, bugs and whatever else they ward off
well, apparently GT had mentioned this to his compadres at work 
our friend, Jordan, found some kittens in his neighborhood (he also found our ducks in his neighborhood...remember those???) and called GT to ask if we wanted them
bring 'em on over
we really only wanted one cat, but decided to keep the 3 for a bit 
we all had our eye on this guy from the beginning
ok. it's a she, not a he
but, Judson informed me that it was "not a girl cat, it's just a cat" and we all continue to just call it a he.
moving on...

we all liked the gray one, called "Speedo" for her feistiness and general likeability

and tolerance for all things Judson and Townes
including grooming with a grill-brush

the two other kittens were pawned off on my brother and GTs brother (thanks sibs!)
and Speedo is living the high-life at barn-de-la-Kirby/Taylor
she and Judson are quite the little duo
she cries as soon as Judson walks out of the house- all the way from the barn- until he goes over there and picks her's quite ridiculous.
but, he loves her right back.
she follows him all over the place
she also keeps at Townes, although i don't quite understand it, since Townes is anything but gentle with her. yet, she persists.

and so begins the photographic display of "how we became cat people":
i'm still allergic, but am admittedly more tolerant
the kitten is winning me over
because of this

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