Monday, July 25, 2016

Buzz wedding

My dear friend, Laura, who I call "Buzz" got married in April.
We met our freshman year at Harding and were friends throughout college, but really dug deeper in our friendship while we both lived in Dallas post-college. 
When we first met, I thought she was the coolest.
She is from Pennsylvania, wore Vans, hoodies, and listened to really great, new-to-me music.
so, my fascination with her coolness developed into one of my favorite friendships.
She is naturally hilarious, selfless, loyal, confident, creative, positive, encouraging. She keeps me up to date on the best music and always makes me feel like i'm her favorite person.
I love her and was beyond thrilled to celebrate her marriage to Curtis, who is equally awesome.
But, more importantly, he thinks that Laura is the best.

In February, I made the trip to Austin for her bachelorette party with some of our besties.
It was a wonderful, quick, 48 hours spent eating amazing food, laughing about ridiculous things, talking the details of marriage and giving lots of hugs.
we stayed at the South Congress Hotel and it was super hipster 
with an excellent pool, where we spent the majority of Saturday
Sunday morning, we walked down Congress for breakfast at Jo's coffee
then for lunch, we ate at LaCondesa in an underground/cavelike room with a delicious spread
it was so fun to catch up with friends from college that I haven't seen in 10 years (how in the world is that possible?!)
we all made a promise that we wouldn't let that much time pass again

so we all got back together again, plus some more, for the wedding in April!
The wedding was in Dallas, so we all got together for lunch the day before for some catchin-up
spent the afternoon at the hotel/pool chatting, then a a great dinner and late night visiting
so many friends who i don't get to see often enough!

the morning of the wedding, we drove out to the venue.
the White Sparrow barn
and my jaw dropped.
it is the wedding location of all of our dreams and it made me so happy for Buzz, that this was her wedding venue. 
just perfect! 
we were all able to watch her get ready and visit before the ceremony

the reception was out on the lawn
the skies were clear, a breeze was blowing, and the temperature just right
and Buzz was a beautiful, generous bride!
then she played the bass at her own wedding

i mean, the coolest, right?!?
to say that we all had a great time at the reception would be an understatement

and i loved having my forever wedding date with me
it was a dream wedding
and a wonderful reason to get together with old friends
and an excellent excuse for me and GT to have a few days away together

i know that the quality of my phone pictures are poor, so here are a few screenshots of the photos shot by the actual photographer. she did a fantastic job!
if you'd like to see the pics, and i'm sure you would, click here

Sophie, Lauras niece! isn't she the cutest?!
the wedding party
Buzz's girls

i regret not taking any photos with Curtis, but these should suffice
we were standing next to eachother as the band played, with Buzz at the bass.
I told Curtis, "your wife is awesome". to which he replied, "yep, she is the coolest person in the world"

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