Wednesday, July 20, 2016

our Roo turns 2!

our sweet little Townes Wesley turned 2 last friday! 
and we celebrated him with a family party the next day at my parents
GT smoked some pork loin, ribs, and chicken and it was finger-lickin' delicious
we also had watermelon, beans, cookie cake and ice cream- a perfect little summer meal.
Mark and Del brought Gracie with them and we all loved having our sweet little girl cousin with us!
Garrett, Cristie and Josh came in from Dallas and they are the ulta-uncles and aunt. 
Jake, Jamie and their crew didn't make it because baby Ben was born the day before TW's birthday!!!!
I am definitely going to share photos of him, don't you worry your self. 
He is beautiful and perfect and Jamie is a rockstar!
the rest of our local family was there-which totals roughly 35 people alone. they're the best at loving us.
we really have a great home team and i'm so thankful that our boys are surrounded by such great love and lots of fun!
the kids played in little pools, sprinklers and with water balloons and bubbles in the back yard and seemed to have a grand ole time. 

I think that turning 2 has actually been good for Townes.
the few months leading up to 2 were the challenging times.
he is 1,000,000 times happier and content now than he was three months ago.
He is getting much better at communicating and we are figuring out his personality and how to discipline/guide him more effectively.
He can be rather emotionally driven and has really big feelings with seemingly no identifiable triggers for his big feelings at times.
He is hilarious and knows how to make us laugh.
He LOVES to be chased and not caught. so, playing hard to get is his game. 
He snuggles like a champ and still is a pretty hard-core mamas boy.
One second he is stuck to me, trying to crawl back in my uterus... and the next second he is 100 yards away, playing by himself as content as the day is long, caring none at all if i'm even on the same planet. 
He loves his "bubba" and likes to be part of all that he does.
He has the most beautiful blue eyes and they get him out of quite a bit of trouble (whoops).
He has the best laugh and i can't help but smile when he gets tickled.
He is just about the cutest thing I ever did see (non-biased, of course)
He is most definitely the sweet to my heart and melts me like a handful of m&m's on a louisiana summer day.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Roo.
2 years with you has been a delight...the best is yet to be.

(a little background on "Roo"... if you're wondering.
as an infant we called him Townes-a-rooskie, then Rooskie, then Roosk, now Roo-Roo or just Roo.
Judson next-to-never calls him Townes,  but always Roo
I call him Townesy, Roo, or Townes Wesley (double name as needed))

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