Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"church clothes" at a gala

(this event was in January, and I wrote this on the way to the, late post, huh?)

GT spoke at an event in Houston on Saturday night. He had originally planned to make the trip solo, but once I realized we had no local plan for the weekend, the boys and I invited ourselves. 
His parents live near Houston so we spent the weekend with them, which is a win for all parties involved. 
Since we decided to go last minute and I worked (clinicals) all week and I didn't start packing until Friday around 2. 
We were leaving when GT got home from work at 4. 
Packing for the grandparents is easy-comfy clothes and church clothes. 
But, GTs mom offered to keep the boys Saturday night so I could go with GT to his speaking engagement. 

I had no idea what kind of event this was, so I took a guess and packed skinny jeans, a blouse, and booties. 
When GT got home at 4ish, I asked and he said it was a nice event and I should wear "church clothes." Well, at our church that can mean a wide variety of things- jeans to Sunday best Easter dress. 
I verbalized this predicament to him, so he told me "just wear something black." 
No help. 
Finally I asked him to show me his email correspondence with his contact person for the event and it had an invitation attached. It proved zero help. 
It was a "gala", which was good to know but the background of the invitation was camouflage. 
Still confused with no direction for my attire, but feeling more and more confident that my jeans and booties were not appropriate. I asked GT to text or call the lady, because I needed to know so that I didn't show up as the speakers wife wearing "church clothes" at a black tie affair. 
So, he did.
 As we were loading the last bag in the car, she texted back- 
"cocktail dress"
Well, fresh out of those!

It's 430 by now, so I grab 2 black dresses, a pair of tights and a pair of black heels. Cocktail anyone?  
No one cares, really, but I wanted to be in semi-appropriate atire. 
Saturday afternoon rolled around and I start getting ready, as we had a bit of a drive to the event, or "gala". 
Tried dress #1 on. 
Side note- I had never worn this dress before. It was my cousins and a size smaller than I normally wear. It was too short, so I put on the tights I packed to realize that I had grabbed my black tights with a pattern! An argyle pattern! Leaving me resembling a joker. 
No idea that or why I even own these and had them in my drawer. 
So, dress #2. 
I've had it for 10 years (literally, bought it in 2006). 
It's a classsic and I actually do wear it to church, but it can easily be dressed up. 
Well, hem came out of that one. Back to dress #1 and asked GT to stop at CVS so I can get tights, since the dress is uncomfortably short without them....especially for this so-called "gala". 
I run in and grab 2 pair of tights, pay for them and change in the bathroom.
as i walk out, an older lady told me that i looked nice, so i feel like it was a win.

in the end, people were dressed in a wide variety of dresses
and my husband wore jeans and a camo shirt
so, i'm pretty sure i was appropriate
he did a wonderful job to the crowd of roughly 300!
always proud to be on his arm
even if he does makes it awkward

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