Tuesday, August 9, 2016

a sweet trip to Sugar Land

on one hand, it's a wonderful thing that some of our friends live in Sugar Land (near Houston)
there are lots of fun things to do there!
on the other, it's a super sad thing that they live there
we don't get to see them as often as we'd like (which would be every day)

when we saw Tommy and Brice in May at Garretts wedding, we made a plan to see them later in the summer so the kids could spend some time together also.
Judson and Tate are big buddies and we want them to stay that way!
Tate is 1 year older than Judson 
and Sloane is 4 months older than Townes

GT had a meeting planned for a Tuesday morning in Katy, which is 20 minutes from their house in Sugar Land.
So, we headed down to their house Saturday morning and we had 3 and a half awesome days!

we spent Saturday playing at their house and their neighborhood pool
just having that one day made the trip worth it!
but, luckily...we had more!
after church Sunday
i mean....
the sweetest
Tommy and Brice took us to this cafe in a neighboring town and it was delicious
and the building was really neat 

Judson and Tate were pretty much inseparable
even at nap time
and even though they tried to talk their way out of napping, we told them that they had to so that we could go to the zoo!
they fell asleep quickly then

this was our second trip to the Houston Zoo with the boys and we all loved it
Townes was super fun and had hilarious reactions to each animal
when we brought him last year, he was still just hanging out in the stroller
so, this year was fun watching all of the kids
the boys
and sweet Sloane
the only girl and she is sweet as pie

the guys gave me a hard time when I asked them to recreate this picture from last years trip to the zoo in April
but, i'm glad we did!
they'll probably give me a harder time when i ask them to recreate it in 10 years, ha!

funny little monkeys

after the zoo closed, we headed to a nearby burger place and inhaled our burgers and fries
kiddos included
the kids crashed around 10:30, then us crazy parents stayed up until 1:30 playing dominoes
crazy, i tell ya!

we spent a few hours Monday morning playing at an inflatable playground thing...or something like that
it was super fun, for everyone.
and wore the kids out
i think all 4 of them were asleep by the time we pulled out of the parking lot
what it really looks like trying to get a pic with the boys...
and that's only a few of them

we're already planning our next trip to get together
it sure is a sweet thing when your kids love your friends kids a much as you love your friends!
know what i mean?

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