Friday, August 19, 2016

Simply (a great) Tuesday

Last week, my mom hosted the annual "Grand Camp". 
Tuesday morning she had to attend a funeral so the boys had got to attend "Kate/Mama Camp"!
We went for a long adventure ride on the gator
Let the chickens out
Watered the chickens
Played at our house
Then headed for Chick fil a
Major sweating at this point. Mainly because I put on jeans in 278 degree August heat and had to put an extra booster and car seat in my car
mom and Mamaw Lou met us there and the boys loaded up on prizes, chicken and suckers
After getting back home, GT arrived with our new goat- yes, we bought a goat
 My boys napped
I made banana Nutella muffins and cleaned a bit
Dropped the boys off at moms for more grand camp and met GT at the movies for a little 5:25 Jason Bourne
Even better, tickets were only $5!
Our popcorn and drink (singular) cost more than our tickets
The movie was excellent and so was our little date. When we came out of the movie, it was still daylight
 Tuesday evening movie is where it's at
On the way home, I was listening to a podcast with an author and she was talking about her book "Simply Tuesday".
Our obsession with bigger and faster is spinning us out of control. We move through the week breathless and bustling, just trying to keep up while longing to slow down. But real life happens in the small moments, the kind we find on Tuesday, the most ordinary day of the week. Tuesday carries moments we want to hold onto--as well as ones we'd rather leave behind.- (Amazon description)
Perfectly summarizing my day

After getting the (tired) boys from my parents, GT fixed up Townesys big boy bed
I collected 7(the largest daily collection yet!) eggs from the girls
And checked in the ever-bleating goat. He's a cutie
We had a super sweet book and bedtime
Then watched an epic night of swimming and gymnastics of the Olympics. Go USA!

this past Tuesday was pretty great, too
we spent the morning outside playing and tending to the chickens and the goat.
we currently just have the goat tied to a T-post and let him loose when we're home.
i wanted to move his T-post to another area, so he would eat all of the brush there.
i did not realize how much effort that required, but i was super proud once it was complete and sent this photo to my husband so that he could know how much more value i bring to the family now

one of GTs friends from Huntsville came in town
he is a cook and we spent 2 nights eating his awesome cooking at my cousins house
wood-fired pizza Tuesday night
we stayed late visiting and the kids playing with their cousins
we left kind around 9 or so
when i got home, i was hurrying to check on the chickens since they were still out and i'm worried some critter will get them
i was happy to find them tucked nicely in their coop, untouched

I start my new job next week and the boys start school (WEE school and Mothers Day Out) in 2 weeks. I know that our slow days at home are drawing near the end, so we are savoring each one.
Especially a Tuesday

(i apologize for the number of "selifes" in this post. specifically, selfies of me without any sort of make up. have a nice day)

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