Thursday, August 11, 2016

summer reading and listening

the first few weeks after graduation were spent studying for my certification exam (which i passed, whoopty whoo!) 
after that exam, i kind of didn't know what to do with myself
i have been so accustomed to studying, writing papers, a variety of school related "chores" that I found myself at a loss for what to do with the now-available time.
 After i rearranged the living room furniture, converted the guest room into a shared room for the boys, made Judson's old room the guest room, got completely caught up on laundry (and i'm behind again, everyday, of course)....i just kind of looked around and decided to start reading for leisure again. 
(we also got some chickens and a goat- more to come on that later...for sure)

i have found that i really enjoy reading books on my phone.
that way, my book is always with me
i can even read it while i'm laying down with the boys if they're having trouble going to sleep!
as you can see, there really is no consistency in the type of book that I read
I have also read a few paper-books- Wild and Free to name one.
and i do recommend that one to all females everywhere.

if you'd like my review of each book, let me know.
i don't promise anything profound, but i will let you know if it changed my life or left me wanting more.

see that top left book?
it's a non-fiction by blogger Monica Swanson
i learned about her book by listening to her on a podcast and knew i had to read it
i don't really struggle (right now) with my body and eating (still i'm a girl so i'm not unfamiliar with that struggle) 
i really loved what her book had to say about how we view our bodies and how to take care of it. 
I HIGHLY recommend this book for all females, as well. It's a short read- do it.

speaking of podcast, i love them.
if i'm ever in the car by myself. even for a quick drive to gym, i'm listening to a podcast.
also, while doing laundry, cooking, or whenever the boys aren't needing me (which is almost never, right?)

here's my current list of podcast to which i subscribe
some, i obviously listen to more than others, but i enjoy them all

and 4 of my favorite episodes (is that what they're called?)
1. Sam Jones with Connie Britton
2. Bon Apetite with Ina Garten
3. Tiffany Castleberry with Shannan Martin
4. Jamie Ivey with Monica Swanson

so, in case you have some downtime and don't know what to do with it.
or you would like to hear something or read something to challenge you or give you something different to think about.
or if you have a trip coming up.
theres my recommendations for books and podcast.

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