Monday, August 14, 2017

No way Jose Altuve

If you know GT at all, you know of his love for and devotion to the Houston astros.
If he's on his phone- 10 times out of 10, he's listening to, watching, or reading about the Astros..or the Longhorns. 
This may be a slight exaggeration, but probably 7 out of 10.

So, naturally, Judson is a big fan. 
He knows all of the players and even prays for Carlos Correa every night (short stop who's been out for thumb surgery)
They watch the games together, discuss wins/losses, and just both love the game of baseball. 

My favorite player is the 2nd baseman, Jose Altuve.
He's a little guy who doesn't let his size dictate his stature.
He's leading the MLB in batting average and seems to be liked by everyone. 

We went to the Rangers vs. Astros ballgame Friday night while in Dallas. 
It was a bit painful...the Astros got beat.
And It was also hot as blazes and humid. Or as Judson once described "it feels like it's raining, but it's not".
Of course, we had a great time anyway. 
The whole fam went and we all sweated together. 
Even got to ride on a bike taxi

A family divided

As luck would have it, we were staying at the same hotel as the traveling team, the Astros.
We didn't expect to see them, but one can always hold out hope (and linger a bit too long in the lobby when you think it's time for the team to be loading up the bus and heading to the stadium). 

Saturday afternoon, the boys and I were walking to the pool. 
I saw a nice-dressed, smaller stature gentlemen with fancy large headphones walking towards me talking on his phone.
I quickly recognized him. 
Then I waited until he ended his call then super calmly asked if he would mind taking a photo with my boys. After all, he is "our" favorite player. 
He said sure.
What a guy, huh?
I could tell Judson didn't recognize him since he wasn't wearing his uniform. So I told him it was Jose Altuve and I watched as Judson's face got a little red and he stared a bit starstruck. 
Ole Jose was super nice and offered a high five to Townes and asked if he wanted to get in a photo, too.

He went on his way and Judson and I high-fived and had a few giddy seconds.

Well, the Astros lost again Saturday night.

Sunday morning, we were in the lobby about to check out of the hotel.
 I couldn't find JR. 
As I walk around the corner, I see him casually talking to Jose Altuve and two other players.
as if this is normal.
When I walk up to him, the guys are all laughing. 
So I say hi and ask what my son said to them. 
Altuve  said, "he asked,why did y'all lose again last night?" 
I told him that I didn't know who the kid was but that I would help him find his mom.
Jk. I apologized and then laughed (with them, thankfully).
We wished them good luck, then Altuve told Judson that they would definitely win 
and they did!

Maybe all they needed was a little accountability from a random 4-year old who wandered away from his mother and confidently confronted a stranger in a hotel lobby. 

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