Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Judson Ray is 5- He has what it takes

My sweet Judson Ray is 5 today.

He is pure joy and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for his life.
He is kind, thoughtful, full of energy, confident, tender, observant, happy, purposeful (intense), inquisitive, and eager. He makes each day more fun and full. He doesn’t waste one second of the day and is always ready for whatever is next.
I can count on him to be happy and helpful.
Truly, he is a gift.
Often I get overwhelmed when I think of the task of raising him.
Keeping him safe, protected.
But more than, I want to foster the maturing of his sweet spirit.
To provide the environment, the fertile ground for the growth of his gifts- of joy, of encouragement, of passion.
That’s heavy. To me.

Last night as I scratched his back and he was falling asleep, I asked God to protect him.
That he would always feel comforted when needed. And ultimately know the comfort and peace that only comes from knowing Jesus.

Then, this morning as we were driving to his birthday breakfast at the donut store, a sweet new song played that I downloaded last week.
and I was reminded that it's not up to me. or GT and me, his parents.
I am not solely responsible for his maturity, his spiritual growth, his life (ultimately).
this takes a huge weight off.
Thankfully, Jesus knew I wouldn't be perfect- especially in parenting (hallelujah!)
so he gives us grace
he gives us mentors
he gave us the Holy Spirit
and that is what Judson needs
not a perfect mom.

He isn't perfect either.
and he will someday understand his need for a Savior

just yesterday, he said, "Mom, did you know that Jesus is always in your heart?"
He is hearing this from a host of people we entrust him to-teachers, friends, grandparents.

The weight of raising him is lightening up as I remember it's not up to me.
He has what it takes.

You have what it takes
If you ever wonder
If you’re made for more
Yes, you are
More than this world
Can afford you or tell you
You're capable of

And there's a mystery inside you
So let define you
And you can move mountains because

You have what it takes
Your heart's a river wide
Not by power, not by might
But the spirit of God
He's living inside you
And you have all you need
And you need only to believe
That when Jesus fights for you
Nothing can stop you or stand in your way
'Cause you have what it takes

If you ever wonder
If you're gonna make it
You will
Even though you'll feel like
You're going under with pressures
That all seem so real

-Christy Nockels "You have what it takes"

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