Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Our life: an update

Mic check
Tap tap


Is anyone still there?

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve visited this space. 
I could toss out several reasons why. 
Like, Instagram ate my blog
My computer is full and I can’t download anymore pictures
It’s also super slow
Also, I just haven’t felt like it

Anyway, we are in the middle of quite a few life changes. 
And I just thought I’d wake up the ole blog for documentation purposes!
We started a major remodel and addition on our home about 3 weeks ago and I am so excited! It is coming along quite nicely. At least I think so...I have no frame of reference for the timing of these things.
We are living at my parents (which is actually pretty awesome) and I am incredibly thankful for the convenience of being next door.

We are also about 2 weeks away from welcoming our baby girl!
I am definitely in between several emotions.
1. I am kind of over being pregnant. 
The constant need to occupy the lavatory. Restless legs. Hip discomfort. Audible noises when trying to stand up. always hungry/always feeling full. Breaking out in a sweat when trying to put on my compression socks for work so my cankles aren’t huge at the end of the day. 
You know...all of the end of pregnancy glamorous things that you’re never prepared for.

2. I’m not ready for the actual part of her transition from in-utero living to the outside world living. I’ve not had the most awesome experiences with the boys so I’m slightly anxious about getting this chick out. I’d appreciate prayers for smooth labor, delivery and post-partum. Seriously.

3. I can’t wait to meet our baby girl!!!!! I do not take lightly the blessing that is a baby. We had to wait a bit longer to get pregnant with her than the boys (almost a year), so we seem to be a bit more grateful for the miracle that is life growing inside of me. Isn’t it amazing?!??

My brother is getting married!
Josh (my oldest brother) met Kristen in Dallas, where they both live, and I am so thrilled to have her for a sister. 

She is absolutely wonderful and she puts up with Josh (i kid, i kid, calm down).
His wedding is less than a month away. We are all so excited to celebrate them!

There are three of our life events that are keeping us occupied these days. 
Aside from that, it's the usual- church family, kids school, t-ball, extended family, work, 2 boys, 5 chickens, a cat and a dog.

I'm hopeful that I will be using the blog more often, but i'm also realistic...so perhaps i'll see ya soon...or it may be another 6 months.

either way, I'd like to say "it's good to be back"

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