Thursday, July 22, 2010

There's a difference in livin' and livin' well

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time not having a day job, but I will admit that I am growing weary of the lack of interaction with others, contributing to society, and cash-o-la. All of that being days are still filled with cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc.,but these are a few of the things I will miss the most from a jobless day (which, I am grateful for) once I am employed.

1. this young lad

Woodrow and I have become quit the duo. As I mosey from room to room doing my thing, he follows then plops down and goes to sleep...move to the next room and repeat. Sometimes he'll just look at me with those big puppy-dog eyes and I know he is saying "I really like having you home all day, dad doesn't spoil me like you do". Pathetic, I know. But, I love the lil' dude.

2. Blogs.
My mornings consist of waking up whilst GT is leaving for work, grabbing a cup of coffee, plopping down on the chair, turning on the Today show and reading a few blogs. Once again, I see how badly I need a job in order to avoid this pathetic, nonproductive routine lasting forever. Believe me... I am enjoying every minute of this time because I know it is a rare period in my life and I might not ever have it again. My fave blog: She is an excellent writer and always has a great recipe, story or project!

3. Making the bed.
So far, I have made the bed every day. Did you hear me??? EVERY DAY. This is an amazing feat for me and I attribute it to the fact that I have all morning to make it. I guess, it's not that awesome when you look at it that way. Anywhoooo....It is so nice to go to bed at night to a neat, clean bed. I have never, for more than 2 days in a row, consistently made my bed and will try my hardest to continue this once I have an appointed time to leave in the morning.

(note: this pic was taken before any decorating took, and cleaning)

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Joneal said...

Hi Katie... Love your posts on this here blog... lovin' learnin' bout you and GT's lst days in your home. The little details are the funnest. Like your list of 4 things. I'm ignorant... DDP?
I'm assuming it's ice cream or some kind of milk...
love you Mom