Friday, November 5, 2010

List of loves Friday

Aaaaaandddd I'm back with a Friday List

I'm so grateful for this friday
For many reasons

I love these things in paticular on this day that is Friday:
My parental units are here
Mom and I watching Today show
Drinking coffee...duh
The new and improved "back room" (pictures to come)
Getting to see old friends at HU homecoming tomorrow
Having a good heating system in our home
A good book, even though I haven't finished one in a long while
our Cracker Barrel rocking chair given to us by Mamaw Lou for our wedding gift

having both of our families in town at the same time
my husband and dads' relationship

There are a few of the things that I am lovin' today

Happy Freezing Friday,

1 comment:

_______________ FYI said...

Love the pic with the rocker.... good lighting.
Tks for being a warm, sweet, kind, generous daughter/hostess
Love you,