Saturday, September 15, 2012

Around the house: progress

We are in the final countdown!!!
a few weeks until the house is finished
and a baby will join our family next month.
maybe it's not really the final countdown, but it sure feels like it

GT has been working so hard to get the house finished.
He's not doing all of the work, but is very very involved and coordinating everything.
I'm so thankful he knows what he's doing and that he is good at it.
He solely designed the layout for the addition and has done quite a bit of the labor.
I'm pretty proud of my handy man.

Here's the progress from start... this week

the electricity, plumbing and air conditioning have all been completed in the addition.
as we speak (or as i type) GT is putting in the insulation
he will also knock out the walls that will connect the addition to the rest of the house this weekend.
and next week....sheet rock!!!!!!

the view from the use-to-be carport

the current view

our new back of the house view

we've also been clearing the back yard/pasture
Trig approves

Almost finished!
Ready for guests and a baby(ok, not really ready yet).
But, we'll be ready with a room.

Happy weekend friends,

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