Friday, September 21, 2012

Birthdays all around

We don't take birthdays lightly in our family.
And September is especially birthday friendly....GT, Jamie and I all celebrate our bdays.
Along with numerous other family and friends.

It started early September with my whole fam party.
My moms side is rather large so we celebrate birthdays monthly...typically after church and usually at my aunt Chrys and uncle Johnny's house. 
It's a well oiled machine.
with one cake that has the name of everyone who has a birthday that month on it

This year, my bday fell on a Thursday and GT's fell on the following Monday.
We just keep celebrating the few days in between! It works out purty good.
My boo started it out right by bringing me lunch and a cookie cake to work on my birthday.
I almost didn't get a pic before we devoured it.

That Friday, his parents came in and we had a little birthday lunch for GT.

Later that night Jake Jamie and Beau came over to celebrate mine and Jamies bday!
I'm not joking when I say its one long month of partays
of course, we are more entertained with Beau 

more cookie cake never hurt nobody

Beau man made Gt a card...he's really talented

Saturday, after a shower for baby Taylor (post to come)...GT headed to Ole Miss for the Texas game with his fam and I stayed home with Beau! (no more traveling til baby gets here)
i'm pretty sure they had an awesome time

i told them that they couldn't have any fun without me.
oh well

While they were gone, Beau and I went to Bella's party.
Her birthday is the day before GTs.
it's safe to say that her party with a bunch of 10-year old girls was a little more exciting than ours.
We're birthday buddies with Bella, too
(that's her new horse....what!!!)

my Saturday night looked a bit different than GTs, but it was just fine by me.

We were partied out.
It was the year of practical gifts for us.
We bought each other a new mattress!
From our parents-He got a new tool box and I got curtains.
Practical gifts are what we're all about.

Although our September is pretty fun, I'm a little more excited about October!


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