Friday, September 7, 2012

how I do Dallas

GT goes dove hunting every year for Labor Day weekend...every year.
and I pretty much use the weekend to stay with my gals in Dallas.
This year was no different.
Except, it was my last Dallas trip sans baby.

Mom and I drove to Dallas with Jamie and Beau on Friday and dominated Ikea.
We met up with her sister, who is also preggers. I can not believe I didn't get a pic with the three of us, baby bumps and all. We are all due within 6 weeks of one much fun is that?!!!?

Then I met up with Buzz and Kyla and we ate some delish food, talked lots and lots and giggled.
bananas foster waffles. hello.

ginormous ice cream sandwhich. duh.

cinnamon roll the size of my face.
have i mentioned the positive things about being pregnant?
(p.s. these were all at different meals...i'm not THAT crazy)

Apparently on Friday we didn't do enough damage to Ikea. 
So on Saturday, Kyla, Buzz, Mom and I went back and annihilated my bank account. 
Since we're adding on two bedrooms to our house, I knew specific items that I wanted to buy to fill these rooms for baby and guests. 
We found everything that I was looking for (and maybe some more)!

One item was a rug for baby's room. 
The room is going to be mainly navy, white, gray and mustard yellow.
But, I could not find a rug that I liked that wasn't crazy expensive. 
I also wanted some type of tribal, native american print. 
Well, it was no where to be found. Except for my imagination.

So, Kyla and Buzz split from me and mom in Ikea and she texted this picture to me.
it was a pure shopping miracle.
it was more perfect than what I had even pictured.
I am SOOOOOO ready for the room to be finished being built so I can drop this bad boy on the floor!

without Kyla's positive and determined attitude, there's no way we could have crammed all of our stuff plus our bodies in the car.
Luckily, I have a great mom and great buds and they were just as excited about our purchases and were more than eager to help me get it home! 

The weekend was short and busy.
We shopped til we dropped. 
I'm not your typical girl shopper.
It totally wears me out and I can only do it in short spurts.
I'm so glad I had great company for all of my browsing!

We ate at some awesome places...Fireside Pies, Breadwinners, R+D Kitchen, Pokey O's and Sonic (don't judge).
We shopped at Ikea (x2), Urban Outfitters, West Elm, World Market, Home Goods, Nordstrom Rack and Buy Buy Baby.
I stayed at some great places...Kyla's place and Le Meridien. 
That'll wear a girl out in 2 and a half days! 

Also, Kyla made me do this.
The only maternity photos you'll get.

caption title "focus on the family" per Kyla
thank you, Westin Dallas for the shoot setting.

Mom and I think it was a purty successful weekend. 
Perhaps, GT might disagree.
(i was super puffy at 32 weeks after all of the shopping. so kindly disregard my whole body in this picture)

Hope y'all had a great Labor day weekend!
I worked on Labor Day, but the weekend was excellent!



Rachel said...

Love this post, so wish I could have been there to join you! Love you, Katey!

Kyla said...

LOVED hanging out with you. Can't wait to see that baby room.