Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Portrait Series: 33 weeks

a few weeks ago, i wore a belt to church 
i wore it above my it is the only place for a belt at the moment.

My cousin Bella (she's 9) was sitting by me on the couch after church.
She leaned over and quietly said, "I have to tell you something".
eager for her insight, i asked her what that something was.
"You're supposed to wear a belt around your waist".
thanks, Bella.
I explained to her that my waist was temporarily unavailable and asked her suggestion on a location for my belt. She wasn't sure and pointed to my hips. Maybe I should give it a try. Perhaps she knows better than I do?

She's the same one who recently told her mom, my cousin Korie, that she would stay with me and take care of me while GT is out of town on business in October. She insisted that Korie call me and tell me that she would definitely take care of me and that GT could go on his trip. No problem.
I asked her what would happen if I went into labor.
Her response "I'd freak out and call mom".

I'm pretty sure that will be my response as well.


Lauren said...

Did you get a haircut? If so, I love it!!! If not, I love it still!!

The Heart Mom said...

LOVE your Sunday pic. Haha.
LOVE your baby belly. A lot.
LOVE our Bella. So fun.