Tuesday, December 4, 2012

little Luke

I just adore our new nephew, Luke Jacob.
He was born one week ago today and is absolutely perfect.
Beau, the excited and proud big brother

an obviously excited big cousin

Mamaw Jo and her great-grandson

beautiful mama and babe

aunt and uncle are over the moon about this chubby little face

beautiful family of 4

Judson slept through meeting Luke
but, i'm pretty sure they'll get to know each other..ha

a glimpse at real life with 2 boys

1 day old

that chin!

all 3 grandsons for Honey and Pa
bffs in the making

The day that brought us Luke was pretty crazy.
GT and I were headed to Harding (our alma mater) for the day to hear Willie speak.
My mom texted me at 730 and told me that Jamie was having very frequent contractions.
She ended up going to the hospital where they slowed down, so she left to go home and walk.
At that point, I decided to go on to Arkansas and just be prepared to head to Tyler when it was go time.
GT and I made it less than 5 miles from our house and I told him to turn around. 
I'm going to Tyler.
I couldn't stand the thought of missing being there when Luke was born.
So, he took me to my parents house and I would ride with my dad (my mom had already left for Tyler)
GT was going to ride to Harding with my cousins.
15 minutes later, Dad and I start loading up his truck and GT walks through the door.
"hmm...why are you here? aren't you on your way to Harding?"
They had made it less than 5 miles from the house and got an email saying how many new orders they got overnight at the warehouse. (GT's in charge of warehouse production/orders/shipping...along with many other things)
They (him and my cousins/his bosses) decided he needed to stay in WM since work was so crazy busy.
So, GT heads to work
Dad and I head to Tyler
Jamie's contractions pick back up as soon as she walks out of the hospital doors.
Dad gets the stomach virus on the drive.
It's not even noon yet.
Luckily, my 1 month old sleeps the entire way.

So, fast forward.
We make it to J&J's house and dad is sick as a dog, drops me off and heads to hotel to hibernate (poor guy)
Jamie is contracting every 3-5 minutes and mom and I are begging her to go back to the hospital.
She makes it up there around 2-3ish
Mom and I stay at the house while Beau and JRay nap.
Around 5pm Jake says it might be a while.
At 530 Jake texts "he's here".

Mom and I pack up the boys and head to the hospital!
We have a baby.

There you go. 
A crazy, crazy day.
But, it all ended perfectly with sweet Luke Jacob coming into this world.
(did that make any sense?)

We love you Luke and can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!
We just can't stay away.


Sarah Jenkins said...

Sweet! I love it.

The Heart Mom said...

What A Day! It was amazing! Those pics of Beaus are just the B-E-S-T!Love especially the little cousin pic of Judson Ray. How blessed we are and you captured the loving fun excitement of Luke's birthday day exactly!