Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Truck stop

We have been on the road since noon. A roughly 470 mile trip is taking-what seems like-FOREVER!
However swiftly we may have traveled before has quickly been overtaken by slow travel with a baby.
Stopping every few hours to feed the beast, we may make it home by morning.

The last stop, we got JR out to feed the back parking lot of a truck stop. Keeping it classy. Trying to keep covered in the front seat while surrounded by 18 wheelers can prove challenging when the ones you thought were parked for the night....started moving. Whoops

Although the drive has taken 4 years, our little guy has been a trooper. He has slept mostly and been an absolute delight when we get him out (after being fed, of course).

I've also enjoyed the time visiting with my boo. With his crazy busy schedule, we have missed out on some quality chatting. I've got some good people and for that I'm grateful.

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