Monday, December 3, 2012

Tummy tub saves the day!

Poor little Judson Ray hated the bath.
He hated anytime he was naked.
it was rather unpleasant.
Sponge baths weren't going to last, he needed the real deal.
And even sponge baths weren't very serene.

Aunt Jamie saved the day!
She let us try out the Tummy tub she used for Beau.
Low and behold.....

as soon as we put him in it, he completely relaxed and just chilled
like a hot tub for a wee little lad.

if the water would stay warm, he would've stayed in there for days

there's music to spare you all the sound of my voice and his screaming
it was an instant change in his demeanor.

Thank you Tummy tub!!!! 
It's supposed to simulate the womb..or something like that.
Whatever the reason-we love it.
It's bath time tonight at the Taylor house!


Lauren said...

E also hated the bath! Wish I would've bought one of these!!

The Heart Mom said...

I miss him every moment I'm away. I miss his pretty big eyes. And his funny hair. And his precious tiny chin and those amazingly long fingers. His smile. I love his smile and his stare... like he really gets it all. That we love him so much... Well. You did so good in the tub little man. Honey loves you.