Friday, December 7, 2012

Little things to be thankful for...

...while my 6-week old is sick and we're inside for (going on) 4 days
Downton abbey
hospital bulb suction and saline
Facebook...the new google
the baby swing
the baby vibrating chair
stroller and quiet street + the pups
cinnamon rolls
my Cracker Barrel rocking chair
 the Moby wrap

Since he's been under the weather, he seems to prefer a little more cuddles. I'm ok with that.
He isn't keen on being flat, due to all the drainage I'm guessing.
I'm ok with that. I can hold him.
My job is to take care of him and I intend to do just that!
 When he's awake, there's only so much talking we can do.
So, I tried something else.
I turned on my ipod and we danced. 

That's when I had another unexpected emotional moment.
I started thinking about our future together.
Not that I've never done that before..but, this time it seemed more tangible.
I thought about us dancing in our living room- in the same spot-when he's 7 and then 17 (that is, if he'll have me). 
I thought about the girl he will love someday and the girl that will break his heart. Will I be tough enough to help him through it? Right now, I'm not sure i won't be a big ole puddle. 
So we two-stepped to George Strait, the Avett brothers, Heart (guilty pleasure), Wilco and Fleetwood Mac. Then he smiled in his sleep and I like to think it was intentional. 
Perhaps he felt this was a special moment for us, too. 
Or perhaps he had gas.

Here's to hoping and praying he'll wake up well tomorrow!


Lauren said...

I've so been there and pretty much stay there. E tends to stay sick but the extra cuddles are nice!

Korie said...

You just made me cry again! The kids and I danced in the living room last night. Well, I danced and they laughed and Sadie tried to record it to hold for ransom, ha! They grow up so fast! Enjoy every minute. Love you!