Friday, December 13, 2013

family photos

our favorite photographer, Erin, came over to capture our family
exactly 1 year-to the day-after we took JRs newborn photos.
Judson Ray 8 days old
Judson Ray 1 year 8 days old

although I groaned and moaned, along with my brothers, when my mom made us take family pictures...i'm so glad that she made us.
and i will force the tradition on our family.
i do think it is important to capture everyday, candid and casual, non-staged photos of your family.
but i also LOVE having some "formal" photos of our family as well...making the effort to get everyone spiffied up and looking in the same (general) direction with a skilled photographer. 

and luckily, Erin is awesome and captured all of these images in 45 minutes!
which is amazing with a super busy 1 year old.
do you see his little right hand?
oh lands.

we are so happy to have these moments captured
especially this last one.

if you wish to have some family photos this good, contact Erin Stokes
or here

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emily said...

The first two should be framed sweet!

These are fantastic pictures that I know you'll treasure, always!