Tuesday, December 3, 2013

treat yo' self (and your marriage)

the man and I haven't been on a bonafide date in...i can't remember.
(sung to the tune of most parents of littles. same story)

we I really like to stay at the house in the evenings, 
GT travels quite a bit, I have school work, blah, blah, blah, excuses.
instead of squeezing in a few hours for dinner and a movie, we decided to get out of town.
best move ever.

we drove 2 lane, backroads the whole way there.
 held hands, listened to music and sports, sat in silence, talked about nonsense and some good sense.
and stopped to check out this place

we landed at a quiet resort a little bit out of Natchitoches tucked in the beautiful fall foliage.
i booked the "Romantic Getaway Package"
that's right.
pretty sure the strawberries on a doily were the only "up-grade" for romance.

we arrived around 4pm, looked at each other, realized no one else was at the hotel and there was zero things to do. it was cold and rainy outside. nothing within proximity to the hotel. 
so, we watched a movie, ate an early dinner and called it a night at 830.

typically, when we go out of town i pack our toothbrushes and the toothpaste.
as we prepared to leave the house for out little date, GT found his toothbrush (unpacked) and mine was already packed.
he said this was indication enough that we were in need of this trip.

this not-so little fella creepin on us

the next day continued on with the cold and rain....
a really beautiful place, i just wish the weather would've allowed us to sit outside for a spell.
or maybe we should've just toughened up 

after another movie and some delish breakfast, we hit the road to Natchitoches for some meat pies at Magee's
better by a country smile.

 "treat yo' self"
 we will.
and we did. thank you very much

although our little 24 hour jaunt was super low-key, it allowed us to have some downtime just visiting, focusing on one another and laughing at movies together.
that's some good, simple medicine right there.

indeed, i did pack BOTH of our toothbrushes for our thanksgiving trip!

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