Monday, December 9, 2013

thanksgiving recap and a team Taylor update!

i'm slowly arising from my tryptophan coma (2 weeks later).
 at least that's the excuse i'm using as to why this thanksgiving post is rather tardy, as we are very quickly approaching the next holiday.

( from the wonderful 
 1. tryptophan coma: A fallacy that is perpetuated by people as an excuse for their lazy behavior following their diet-crushing Thanksgiving meal.)

...i got it.

we left early in the week for a Thanksgiving in Austin, in order to capitalize on time with family and friends in Texas along the way.
after stopping to stay in Huntsville (GTs parents house) for the night, we met up with some of our good friends and their littles in College Station.
We could only manage a lunch, but it was completely worth the stop and so needed!!!
Judson and and a potential future Mrs. J.R. Taylor.
the whole gang...Larry, Rachel and their sweet kiddos!

then, what's a roadtrip without a stop at the taxidermist?!?!
my kid loves, i mean LOVES, deer mounts. 
so, this was his kind of heaven
who knew?

moving on down the road.

we arrived at Kim and Matt's (GT's sister and her hubby) late Wednesday afternoon and didn't leave again until Friday.
it was lovely and well spent with the fam.

the majority of my time was in the kitchen- prepping, cooking, talking, eating, reheating, snacking, feeding JR, cleaning, washing, chatting and LOVING it.
since all of that included my sis-in-laws, mom-in-law, aunts and grandma (in-laws).
and i seriously enjoy every single bit of their company.
sure, there were guys in and out of the kitchen....

....but, not if we could help it. 
just kidding. calm down.
this turkey joined in to carve the -um- turkey

the joy of Thanksgiving comes with having no agenda.
at least it does for me.
sure, we hustle and bustle around the kitchen hoping everything is ready around the same time, making sure the tables are set and everyone has a seat. but, really, no one is on any kind of schedule.
(except for the few years that I had to work on Thanksgiving, but those were a different kind and they were good, too)

the good stuff comes from plopping down on the couch next to someone and just nestling in for a nap, chatting away as you both rest your eyes or peek at the football game. 

grabbing a chair on the deck and going over recent events

or being the only baby and getting a crazy amount of loving attention

and matching your uncle Ty
and finding out that he is going to be a dad!!!!!
Chelsea is having a baby!!! and we are thrilled! 
(don't let our faces fool you)

sweet little little is due next summer!
and what baby doesn't want to join this bunch?
preggers leading the crazy train
you're welcome, Chelsea.

this is a good bunch of people.
i'm so thankful i get to be part of the Taylor crew!

Chelsea and Ty will be the best parents!
i know this because they are incredibly wonderful people, the best siblings and friends, and loving aunt and uncle to JRay. 
cheers to good people bringing life into this world!
go Team Taylor!

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