Monday, December 2, 2013


1. our toilet has been getting clogged up. and not at times when you'd expect it to be stopped up (you get my drift?). so, for a month or so, we'd plunge away until it would get unclogged and carry on.
well it happened again the other night and we were like, "seriously, what is in that toilet?!?!". clogging for no apparent reason.
so, we ignored it. naturally.
GT plunged it this morning and lo! and behold!
the culprit surfaced.
a toothbrush.
an accurate portrayal of life with a toddler

2. school is almost over for the semester and i am feeling the end-of-semester anxiety (this term is used lightly...i am not a typically anxious person)
in one night i had 3 anxiety related dreams
dream scenario A: show up for a basketball game with mismatched uniform. green top, white bottoms and no sports bra
dream scenario B: show up for class and can't remember my locker combination, where my classes are or my homework
dream scenario C: GT and I are in a tiny galley kitchen and I have no idea how to prepare a meal. so, i attempted some type of beef and mayonnaise concoction. p.s. i hate mayonnaise.

needless to say, i am experiencing some feelings of unpreparedness in my life.
good patient.

3. i hope that the Elf on the Shelf fades by the time Judson reaches the age appropriate for that shin-dig.
bad parent? you make the call. or don't. don't judge me. or do.

4. thankfully, I have a dear helpmate.
he agreed to drag the tree out of the barn before we left for Thanksgiving in Texas.
oh giddy goodness!
he even gave in to my idea of stickin' the tree in a tin bucket.
he found a block of wood in the barn, drilled a tree sized-hole in it and Wah-La!
secured tree...or so it is for now. 
that guy!
Judson talked to it for a few minutes, nodding his head and pointing at the branches, i suppose telling it the house rules. He then squatted down and checked under the hood.

it might stick around until March.

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