Friday, January 31, 2014

file it under "random"

1. random is a highly overused word

2. if i didn't know that i was pregnant for obvious reasons, i would know because:
i could take a bath every day, all day. typically, i never take baths
my hunger level is out of control. like full meal kinda hungry, not snacks. full meals. 
napping can happen anywhere, anytime.
tears are ever ready to come rolling out of my eyes
a sliver of lettuce can awaken the beast that is heartburn

3. i put GTs hair in a bun for his basketball game last night. and he asked for it.

4. JR is into moo-ing. dude loves some cows.

5. we find out on Monday if we are adding more testosterone to this house or throwing in some pink love!
This pregnancy is going really really really fast for me, but I am really looking forward to finding out the gender of this babe!
(also, i highly regret this post...more specifically these pictures-terribly cheesy idea and poor execution)

here's to a great weekend!

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