Sunday, September 14, 2014

2 months Townsey

2 months with our little bitty!
i think i'd like for you to stay this age and size for a while longer.
you sure a sweet snuggler and are quite generous with your smiles.
we are so thankful that you are in our family
you add the perfect amount of sweetness and cuddles!

you checked out to be 100% healthy and strong at your 2 month doctors appointment
and weigh 12 pounds!

you love to watch your brother and he is thrilled every time you wake up and join our party
i delight in watching your relationship blossom and am so thankful that your brother will be your buddy

we have loved to watch you grow this past month!
you are watching the world around you so much more
you coo and smile, which just makes me giddy
i am constantly telling you just how cute you are
you love to cuddle and be in the Moby wrap
you will stay entertained on your play mat for about 15 minutes (which is a enough time to clean up the kitchen, fold some clothes, take a quick shower, snuggle your brother, check on my school work or start dinner!)
you actually rolled over in your cradle...i caught in on camera. i don't think we're ready for that.
we're still trying to work out the kinks from 6-9 at night...that's the only time you can be a tad unhappy
otherwise, you are really content 
you are a good little eater and still nurse roughly every 3 hours during the day
and can go 8-9 hours at night (hooray!.. now, please don't rebel against that statement)

this past month, we traveled to Little Rock for the night and you stayed in your first hotel 
and met your cousin, Gracie.
you are 5 days apart and are going to be besties...i just know it
she's the cutest little thing

we have also traveled to Tyler to see your other cousins twice
Beau is smitten with you!
and you seem to really enjoy being at Jake and J-J's house, as Judson calls her

you get lots of attention from the family at home, too

you are holding up your head so well
perhaps i was a bit premature in this, but you're not far away from sitting in a little seat

little Townes, you have stolen our hearts completely
we are grateful to have the job of being your parents
and are honored to lead and nurture you as you grow

i just can not get enough of you and your sweetness
your coos, your smiles, your snuggles, your big navy blue eyes, your little body...all of it. 
i can't stop loving it, every single minute.
here's to a beautiful 2 months with you, my sweet darling Townsey

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