Monday, September 29, 2014

a September update

this post is brought to you by Bella

who texted me the other night, saying "POST A BLOG...please (smiley face emoticon)" you go Bella.

our family is all over the place these days
with one of our finest out in California for a rather well-known dance competition, people are flying cross-country on the regular.
it's hard to know who's coming and who's going.
i still haven't decided if i'm going to make the trek or not...leaving the boys here doesn't sound good.
but, neither does flying with them across two time zones. 
we shall see.
i'm rather content to watch the show from my living room, but i sure do miss my people and would love to hug their neck!

on the homefront, we have had some pretty great weeks here lately.
GT has started up the hunting season with a few trips and will hopefully have something to show (and in our fridge) for his efforts soon. 

we celebrated our bdays and GT came through, once again, with an exemplary cookie cake design!

we have been with Jake, Jamie, Beau and Luke quite a bit and that makes for a great month!
Judson gets intensely excited when he knows that we are going to see them!
his cousin-brothers
they are quite entertaining when all together.
that middle picture cracks me up. JR and Luke are only allowed to use their pacifiers when they go to bed, but somehow they managed to sneak some and were huddled together trying to defend themselves...ha!

the train museum in Tyler

GT's parents came for a visit last weekend! 
the boys are so well loved by them
JR can't get enough of Grammy and PaPa

they came in for Townes baby blessing at church
i'd like to say that i wasn't a bit perturbed by GT in the top right photo
...i'd like to say that

the tractor was returned after some time in the shop
a certain little tike was happy upon it's return

Townes took his first bath in the big tub
i mean....

we started our Monday night girls group back up after a summer break
i sure did miss these gals

the new barn is going up!

and Tdubs is still the cutest little thing i ever did see

along with his brother, of course
who, apparently, has been watching his mama very closely
nothing like a toddler for some self-reflection.

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