Monday, September 8, 2014

this gig, called parenting

Judson is a happy kid
for the large majority of the time he is well behaved, joyful, funny, excited and compliant
even though he does have a "strong sense of purpose" as my Mamaw Jo says
we are extremely blessed by this
but, lately.
he is pushing it.
not all of the time and not every day.
just some times
and in a big way

the other morning it was because i needed to take off his pajamas because his diaper leaked during the night.
you would have thought that i was leaving him in the dark with a pack of wolves.
perhaps it was because he wanted to wake up slow, stay in his pj's and snuggle for a bit?
perhaps it was because he loves those pants?
perhaps it was because it was not what he had planned in his little toddler mind?
who knows.
 but, home boy was not happy.

today, it was because i wouldn't let him play with my phone.
tomorrow it might be because he doesn't get to wear his boots.

luckily, he gets over things pretty quickly after being reprimanded and is right back to being a sweet, delightful and happy little guy.
but in those ridiculous moments of teeth-gnashing and limb-flailing...i am tempted to just let Woodrow do the parenting.
here, JR is telling him about his bible class

i called GT today and said, "what am i doing wrong"
to which he replied, "it's called parenting, keep grinding away. you're doing a great job".
if it weren't for that man of mine, i would have terrible parenting tactics and our kids would probably grow up to be misbehaved hooligans.
he's my rock and our captain.
praise God for that!
he steers our parenting and keeps me on the path of consistency.
which kids need. 
and when it comes to discipline and boundaries, consistency is hard and tiring and the pay-off if not always evident. 
GT reminds me that it will be when our kids are 4, 14 and adults.

i always joke with him that his favorite word is adversity
he loves to remind me how good it is for our kids and for us to face it.
blah, blah, blah. our kids should have it easy, all of the time! (see why he's good for me?)

Judson has always done well going to the nursery at church
and now, he loves his bible class and is eager to go to church every week!
he's confident, obedient (i think) and social.
this is because GT was consistent in pushing me to take him and also his personality.

and i quote. 
"i'm not saying cut off their leg and throw them in the ditch. I'm talking about the nursery- Mrs. Canales, animal crackers, Veggietales. Come on! It's a pretty solid environment. If you can't adjust to that, then what're they going to adjust to? home, mom and dad?!"
buddy got some headphones and we can't get enough of him wearing them, ha!

since we are new to the disciplining part of parenting, i started reading John Rosemonds Parenting by the Book 
and it is full of good stuff.
i've only just begun, but i am very excited!
and will probably discuss it as i read further

I also remind myself daily, that my children are given to us so that we can prepare them to be God-fearing, responsible, independent, law-abiding citizens.
and to embody of the fruits of the spirit, loving others.
(not much, huh?)
it is our job to honor God with our parenting.

Judson will be two next month, so i suppose his behavior should come as no surprise, but it does.
every single time.
i don't think it's crazy for me to have certain expectations of my children and enforce discipline even if their behavior is consistent with a phase such as "the terrible 2's". it begins.

hit me with your best parenting advice or hilarious toddler tantrum stories.
i'm open to hearing both

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