Wednesday, September 3, 2014

so long sweet, sweaty summer

the end of summer, but not the end of the heat and humidity
the beginning of hunting season; the end of having GT home for weeks on end
the beginning of football season; the end of HGTV 

it's a great time of year
love me some fall
birthdays start rolling in like whoa!
starting with my awesome sis-in-law Jamie's... which is today!
an oldie, but goodie (the picture, not Jamie..she's not old)
Happy birthday to the bestest, smartest, craziest, funnest, fittest momma, sister, friend out there!
Happy 21st you James!

this summer has been beautiful
bringing with it a new Taylor, which has made the Summer of 2014 my favorite summer yet
except for the Summer of 2010, in which i married my love
so, i have two favorite summers

i failed to document the summer holidays, so let's do that now
we enjoyed each holiday, with a lot of fun events in between
they were all very low key, since we stayed at home
that's a first for us
typically we are out of town for at least one summer holiday, but we were homebound for the first two awaiting Townes arrival

Memorial Day
Jake, jamie and crew came in town 
we spent most of it outside, watching the boys play
you will see Judson's outfit again....
boy loves him some "John"

4th of July
i was trying to have a baby
so Jake, jamie and crew came in town again! 
hooray for them!
we had a big family shin-dig at my Aunt Chrys's for lunch then headed out to friends for a huge gathering/campaign kick-off for our good friend Zach Dashers campaign for Congress!
go team Dasher!

GT and I worked on some projects
him-a workstation
me-a dresser
i also ran sprints up and down our driveway trying to induce labor, which didn't happen until 4 days later

Labor Day was ultra low-key
we hung around the house, which is the first time for us EVER
usually, GT dove hunts on Labor day, but he will be going this coming weekend instead
my parents were in Alaska (seriously)
so we had lunch at my mamaw Jo's, which was delicious
GT mowed
i made a breakfast casserole for dinner
and we kicked it with our boys
kinda perfect 

cheers to an excellent summer!
and hello to a, sure to be, lovely fall!

i sure am thankful God gave us seasons

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