Monday, December 1, 2014

how i feel about schedules (for now)

typically, i don't like routine or strict schedules.
they make me antsy
the thought of doing the same thing over and over again, day in and day thanks.

but, I was very scheduled with Judson and it worked for us. 
also, i heard it would get him to sleep (so, obviously i did it).
He was my primary responsibility so we were able to be home for naps and bedtime and stay on our eat-every-3-hour schedule.
I was always so worried that if he didn't get his nap in, he would spontaneous combust. or worse, be really fussy! heaven forbid.
so, if we were doing anything not in line with our schedule i would silently worry about how he'd do at the event, that night and the day after. because if one thing got off, then the dominoes fell.
we have a schedule with Townes, but i am waaaayyyy less rigid with it. 
i do make sure he eats every 3-4 hours and if we are home, he goes down for naps at roughly the same time every day.
it works for us, he's happier that way. 
also, i typically know why he's fussy. 
typically, i said. he IS a baby, so there's always that reason for being fussy.
what i learned is this: the amount of time that i spent worrying about Judson getting off schedule was way worse than the actual repercussions of being off schedule.
yes, he might be fussy
yes, he might not sleep as well that night
and yes, he might not eat as well
BUT, we lived. he lived and was usually right back on track the next day.
and whatever event called for our schedule-derailing was always worth it.

i try not to talk/blog about baby schedules, developmental steps, etc too often because in the long run they aren't that important.
sure, at this point in my is my life.
but, it isn't what i want my life to be about
i want my efforts in a day to be about loving God and loving others.
of course, there is the necessary going-ons of life and kids do have to eat and sleep (so demanding!)
but, i don't want to spend all of my time talking or thinking about it.
so, i am trying to not document them on this blog.
but every now and then, the ole mom-blogger in me creeps out and well....
here we are.

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