Thursday, August 28, 2014

my people on the web

i've got some pretty talented, smart, hard-working, fascinating, driven and entertaining folks in my life.
being surrounded by people with those qualities will keep you motivated.
daily, i am challenged to get up and do something by those that surround me- my family and my friends.
whether it be creative, academic or physical in nature, i am motivated to do something.

here are two of my people that are doing something:

My brother is getting his doctorate in Psychology at UT Southwestern in Dallas.
He has his MBA from Ole Miss and masters in Psychology from Pepperdine.
He's pretty smart, i suppose.
Recently, he wrote a blog post about taming fear and doubt, something we all can relate to.
oh, you don't have doubts or fears?  i'm calling your bluff.
give it a read and be encouraged
i sure was
and take away some great, practical tips

my friend, Buzz, was recently featured on Our Style Stories
a wonderful space created by Hilary Walker, of Dallas, who "writes stories about people with unique style, distinct points of view and creative pursuits". 
that's Laura, for sure.
killer style, incredibly creative and not afraid to try new things.
and super awesome to boot.

if you'll follow the arrow...
so,  i'm kind of famous, too

i guess i'm off to try and make something of myself.

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