Wednesday, June 13, 2012

how we do NYC

I know what I'm needin', and I don't want to waste more time.
I'm in a New York state of mind. -Billy Joel

Our weekend was fast and furious.
So, hold's the run down...

First night on the town. 
We ate at a delish Thai place, Peep.
the pad thai was to die for.
Also, their bathroom was freaky.
From the outside, it looked like a mirrored wall.
From the know, where you do your business...was glass.
you could see the entire restaurant.
I have never used the restroom so quickly. I thought, surely, someone could see me. 
Perhaps, that's where the name came from?

(photo on left cred: rachel)
b-fast the next morning was just down from our hotel at Local 
super cute decor.
It really amazes me what New Yorkers can do with such a small space.
They just make it work
we enjoyed breakfast with this lady. She kept us laughing the whole time.
ok, not really. But, she was sitting by us outside with her super adorable little girl.
(also, can we please talk about Buzz's incredible fashion choices!)

...moving on...

we stayed in SoHo, next to Prince St, and it was the perfect location. 
Scattered on the nearby streets were great little boutiques and hole-in-the-wall restaurants.
A charming (not so little) neighborhood

(top photos and bottom right cred: rachel)
Saturday morning shopping 
Girl! talk about overwhelming. and that's before we even get inside the stores
I was in sensory overload the entire weekend. Probably, why i came home empty handed.
i was too busy soaking up the scenes and sounds to focus on shopping.
I completely loved the time browsing with the gals, though.
we all snicker, gawk and swoon over pretty much the same things.

(both photos cred:rach)
the Newsies!!!
LC chose this as the musical to see (it was her birthday trip!)
and we were pumped!
It was incredible. the harmony, the dancing, the production. we all smiled the entire time.
I love musicals!
can't you tell by all the !!!!!?

Here's a taste:

(all but top left photo cred: rachel)
Saturday night we treated ourselves to some Fig & Olive
it was all so fresh and filling (my 5months preggers body appreciated that part)
Rach's friend, Brett and our friend from college, Emily joined us for dinner.
We toasted Lauren's 30th, ate for a few hours and laughed our faces off (figuratively, of course)

(most photos cred: rach)
Sunday was a shorter day, as we all had to face reality and go back home
We spent the day walking on the High line, through Chelsea Market and Central Park
It really is nice to just walk through the city and take it all in.
really, though, there is too much to take in
(buzz's outfit, again!)

(just cred: rachel)
Central Park was a perfect ending to the trip.
We were all kind of tired from walking so much and just laid our bodies down in an open field.
We simply enjoyed being together and being in New York.
I'm so thankful for my friendship with each of these girls, ladies...not sure what to call ourselves. 
The time with them is always ridiculously short and leaves me aching for more. 
Even if we didn't spend our weekend in NYC, it would've been perfect.
but, really, NYC was perfect.

and Happy Birthday Lauren (LC, Else, E's mom)!!!!
Thanks for the excuse to go to NYC!

(for more pics and stories see buzz, rayjon, and lc's blogs. perhaps, need a blog.)
(also, i rarely call Laura, Rachel, Lauren, or Kyla by their real name. nor do they call me katelyn)

thankful for great weekends and THE best friends,


Lauren said...

I've got to figure out how to do my pics like this! Please teach me.

Laura said...

I LOVE THIS RECAP!!!!! So wonderful to see you per usual. Love you much Kate!

annie said...

Loved seeing more pics from y'all's whirlwind trip! Fun, & I always think calling ourselves 'women' is the best: Biblical, & strong, yet feminine... My two cents worth.

And, pregnancy is lovely on you, woman! :)

Rachel said...

Love you so, so much! What a great weekend!