Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taylor boys take school

The Taylor boys started Mothers Day Out roughly 1 month ago
and they are loving it.

well, i suppose Townes is.
he doesn't cry when i drop him off and they say he eats and naps, so in baby/nonverbal world...we'll call that a win!

first, we went for orientation,saw their classrooms and met their teachers
never ever would i force a photo-op

Judson is typically reserved when he first enters a new place.
and he was
(note that little Townesy is making his getaway...  behind me)

alas, Judson couldn't resist the magical land that is preschool toys

we were all prepped and ready for the first real day
Honey came with us, which always makes things more fun!
don't let Judsons painful smile fool you.

really though, he was super excited
and Townes had no clue
and his mother forgot his shoes.
strong first day!

Judson went right in his class, turned around and said, "bye, mom!"
Townes thought i had abandoned him, weeping crocodile tears, but quickly got over it in 3 seconds after i left (from what i'm told)

since then, they both go into their rooms happy and are equally happy when i return
they are so well cared for and i adore their sweet teachers :)
Judson is proving to be more shy at school then i thought he would be, but i predict he will warm up soon and they might miss his more reserved days.
he tells me that he doesn't sing in music class, but "just listens with his ears."

2 days per week at MDO is just the perfect amount of time for them to be in other peoples care, learn new things and realize the world will continue to spin if I am out of the room.
it also allows me time to study or go to clinical.

i'm truly thankful for a wonderful place that takes such good care of our boys. 
where they hear the name of Jesus and are provided a safe learning environment.

i suppose here is where i insert my "how are they growing up so fast?" rhetorical question

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