Tuesday, September 22, 2015

3 more things...not necessarily what i'm loving

actually, these are 3 things that i'm really not loving...
filed under "random thoughts"
cue weird music and fade screen

1. i leave the bathroom door open so that Judson can go "potty" by himself. 
i close the bathroom door so that Townes doesn't bathe in or drink the toilet water.
this is my life in 2 sentences.

2. i have had the same re-ocurring dream for a number of years.
i show up to my high school and our basketball game is starting. i have no uniform, no shoes and no sports bra. i also can't figure out which locker is mine in the locker room. 
perhaps this dream is based on my own reality from my high school b-ball days...preparedness was not my strong suit.

3. I saw a college-age girl wearing one of these just the other day
i thought we had made progress.
why are we doing this again?

cheers to Tuesday, may it be a re-start if your Monday was rough
because sometimes, that happens

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