Friday, September 11, 2015

family photos by Erin

When it came time to have Townesy's 1 year photos taken, I called my friend, Erin...of course!
She has taken the majority of our family photos and always captures us so well.
we were friends in college and she married one of my best childhood friends
she has two little girls (the cutest!) and is incredible with kids
we are so comfortable with her, which helps soooo much!

so, here we are
Townes 1 year photos!

which ended up being more like family photos because our sweet little bitty prefers to be held by his mother. especially at 630pm.
at one point, we were all doing crazy things to get him to smile, as he sat by himself on the ground.
I told Erin, "he just doesn't like to be by himself" (ridiculous, i know)
she said, "well, let's let Judson sit next to him!"
i said, "well, what i actually meant is... he just likes to be held by me" (so ridiculous, i know)
she did end up getting some really sweet photos of him
those blue eyes and little teeth
Judson did great, but wasn't so keen on smiling for every picture, but preferred to ask over and over when he could have his (promised) popsicle.
GT told him that the faster he smiled for the pictures, the faster he could get his popsicle

i am so happy to have our little family captured at this stage
and to have some photos of our sweet, little Townesy at 1 year

thanks again to Erin!

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